Lycorine draws here...

Hello! This is a side blog where I keep all my art safe and in category.

Now I had an accident not to long ago where all my blogs got deleted so if you see a repost of something old it's okay (As long as it's under my Lycorine name) ...I'm just trying to get everything up again.

Lately I've been drawing nothing but The Maze Runner (Alby in particular) but I also take requests and commissions if asked.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

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Little #pokemon phone wipes are on their way! #pikachu is a must!


Achievement get! - Taking Inventory || Finishing up inventory count and button making for #sanjapan with @hanbeibee Come check out table E3! 》 #NinjaTurtles #TheMazeRunner #TMR #Free #bear 《


Hey guys! 

A post once more…

I’ll be at SAN JAPAN next week! Please feel free to stop by or pass the word around. Here is a preview of some of the new things I’ll have printed. That AOT print was a paaaiin with a bunch of tiny detail you won’t be able to see unless it’s in person. 

Hope to see y’all there!

Freddy and Vieri - Assassin’s Creed 

I’m trying to do this style again but it seems it’s been uninstalled from my brain…


Water painting Gladers!

Minho’s turn…quess what chapter I was thinking of…

Gally’s over here

Will Poulter I do you no justice. Sorry!

Tried doing Gally in water colors.

Minho Here!

What do you mean The Maze Runner isn’t going to be an anime?

…But Newt’s the perfect senpai who always smiles but has a tragic past…

5/20/14 - SNK 

Showing my progress on this one. I’ve still got a lot to go…

This will be a poster that will be available at San Japan 2014 : D 

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