Lycorine draws here...

Hello! This is a side blog where I keep all my art safe and in category.

Now I had an accident not to long ago where all my blogs got deleted so if you see a repost of something old it's okay (As long as it's under my Lycorine name) ...I'm just trying to get everything up again.

Lately I've been drawing nothing but The Maze Runner (Alby in particular) but I also take requests and commissions if asked.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

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I dunno if I’m ever going to finish this in color so here it is

Alby in Flowers.

Gladiolus for strength and passion, Forget-me-nots for the obvious, and Poppies for sacrifice

It would have looked a lot better in color but we’ll see if I pick it up again


I did another speed through! Hipster Newt at your service! 


Finished Piece HERE

Derek Hale - Teen Wolf

This is an older piece that got lost when my blog deleted. Repost

If you love him enough you can get a print HERE

Hipster! Newt - Request by Glade-Mother

They have a thing for Hipster Genderfluid Newt. I have a thing for lolipops and short shorts.

Mini-Gladers! Thomas and Minho

Minho loves green grapes. Thomas likes picking on Minho when he’s eating green grapes. 


I tried something new! 

Benny Baby pleading and loving an off-screen Gally

EDIT: Switched it to a pure white background…didntliketransparent

I’m doing something special with Benny Baby tonight

BOOM! The speed through of my Teresa piece

A print I made for Kuroko’s Basketball! 

If you’d like one you can get it here - LINK

I gotta admit I loved the paper quality on this one!

A quick Teresa sketch

There has been a lot of Teresa hate lately…Just doing my part to showcase our leading lady and no matter her choices or peoples opinions Teresa is amazing. 

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